Striped Bass,Quinoa and Mesclun Greens

I saw striped bass on offer at Wholefoods and decided to give it a try. Striped bass has a meaty but flakey texture that complements a wide array of dishes.I’m a big fan.To achieve a healthy and balanced diet, it is generally recommended to include two portions of oily fish in your diet. This kindContinue reading “Striped Bass,Quinoa and Mesclun Greens”

Barramundi Rice Bowl

Barramundi fish has been reported to be sustainable fish and it is low in mercury in comparison to others. They are fantastic steamed to retain its natural flakey texture and tender flavor. Ingredients: Serves 3 12 oz Barramundi fish 2 cups Jasmine rice 3 Shiitake mushrooms (sliced) 1 Carrot (sliced) 1 Green onion stalk (sliced)Continue reading “Barramundi Rice Bowl”