Steamed Flounder and Vegetables

Flounder is a mild tasting fish, and its delicate flavor is retained by simply steaming it.  This effortless dish is perfect if you are looking for something light and tasty. The crunchy broccoli florets, sweet Aloha peppers and the umami rich King Oyster mushrooms complement each other well to make “healthy” somewhat less of aContinue reading “Steamed Flounder and Vegetables”

Roasted Teriyaki Salmon

Love me some Omega-3 fatty acids. Do you? A one sheet pan dish that requires minimum preparation and washing up.This is the same Teriyaki salmon recipe I used last week, except this time I roasted it in the oven. At the same time I drizzles olive oil generously over the mini-peppers and carrot then letContinue reading “Roasted Teriyaki Salmon”

Healthy Oat Bowl with Banana and Kiwi Stars

Brighten up your morning with some star shaped banana and kiwi stars. I’m on a mission to eat more fruit and with the common cliche of “You eat with your eyes first” in mind, I spent some time making these cute fruit stars. I’m not sure about you, but I often find oatmeal on itsContinue reading “Healthy Oat Bowl with Banana and Kiwi Stars”