Roasted Teriyaki Salmon

Love me some Omega-3 fatty acids. Do you? A one sheet pan dish that requires minimum preparation and washing up.This is the same Teriyaki salmon recipe I used last week, except this time I roasted it in the oven. At the same time I drizzles olive oil generously over the mini-peppers and carrot then letContinue reading “Roasted Teriyaki Salmon”

Barramundi Rice Bowl

Barramundi fish has been reported to be sustainable fish and it is low in mercury in comparison to others. They are fantastic steamed to retain its natural flakey texture and tender flavor. Ingredients: Serves 3 12 oz Barramundi fish 2 cups Jasmine rice 3 Shiitake mushrooms (sliced) 1 Carrot (sliced) 1 Green onion stalk (sliced)Continue reading “Barramundi Rice Bowl”