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Wee Wooden Spoon is for my love of food and sharing my favorites with you.

The name Wee Wooden Spoon came about when I became obsessed with eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner with pretty long handled wooden spoons. I grew up in Scotland, United Kingdom where the word “wee” is said often so it has stuck with me since. I have also lived in London, Southeast Asia, and USA, as such I am excited by both international and local cuisine.

In my earlier years, my daily diet included too much ultra-processed food. Setting the timer on my the microwave, waiting for the familiar ping of the microwave meal (TV dinners) to heat up was the extent of my cooking repertoire.The temptation of fast-food was also a constant threat. Those delicious meal deal offers seemed to always call my name. Whilst they are great in moderation I have since discovered they seriously lack fiber, and are loaded with salt and sugar.

Fast-forward some years I moved to USA, and the area that I Iived in was considered a food desert. From this time, I began to pay more attention to healthy eating and took some nutritional science courses to better understand the principles of diet, health, and disease. I am currently cooking easy meals for fun from a little kitchen on the East Coast. I love looking for new healthy, budget friendly and tasty food inspiration.

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“Always hungry or never full”

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