Natto,Shrimp Tempura and Rice

Natto is a traditional Japanese breakfast food made with fermented soybeans, it is often eaten with rice. It is for sure an acquired taste due to the strong aroma like an aged cheese and its texture. Despite its intimidating smell and texture, once appreciated, its deliciously savory, and it has long been hailed as a super food. I made this natto combination for brunch with rice, roasted nori, and crispy shrimp tempura. Are you a natto lover?

Natto and Rice
Japanese Superfood

3 thoughts on “Natto,Shrimp Tempura and Rice

  1. I’ve only tried tofu and since I’m on a vegan journey, I’ve been wanting to try tempeh. I hadn’t heard of natto – this is going on my list as well :), thank you – looks delicious. Is there a particular method of cooking natto, or is the method similar to how you would cook tofu?


    1. Wonderful to hear about your vegan journey. I hope you try tempeh soon its like next level tofu with earthier flavor and more texture. I think natto is an acquired taste, but I have really grown to love it so much. I usually get the pre-packged frozen natto which comes in a small box with two small seasonings – mustard and soy sauce (depending which type you buy) . You just need to heat it up in the microwave for approx 45 seconds and you are good-to go.

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