Majestic Mashed Purple Sweet Potatoes

Would you like to feast your eyes on these majestic purple root vegetables? So, I’m not going to lie I have experiencing a touch of FOMO after seeing these mesmerizing vivid purple sweet potatoes recently and I have always wanted to try them, so I have finally jumped on the band wagon. The verdict -no regrets whatsoever #noregrets. I’m so happy these exist. The purple color really intensifies once you boil them in water. A real captivating feast for the eyes. They are regarded as highly nutritious like the orange sweet potato. According to an article on they are especially rich in polyphenol antioxidants called anthocyanins. The same type of antioxidants found in blueberries. They can be simply boiled the in water for approximately 20 minutes (4 small medium potatoes) and then mashed. I would say they are a little less sweet than the orange kind, but wonderful none- the less.

Creamy mashed sweet potato
Creamy Mashed Sweet Potato
Purple Sweet Potato On A Chopping Board
Purple Sweet Potato
Chopped Sweet Potatoes
Chopped Sweet Potatoes

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